St Kilda Football Club

Exhibition design for Moorabbin Museum

and retail shop


Large scale signage


Retail shop visual merchandising


Stevie Dellamarta / Creative Director

St Kilda FC Design team

St Kilda FC Marketing team

Showfront / Cabinetry

Russell Holmesby / Historian

Our brief was to create a visual story and physical archive that celebrated the historic journey of the St Kilda Football Club. 

Like any good book, there are many chapters that make up the Moorabbin Story... the museum showcases how the seaside St Kilda Football Club made Moorabbin home.

Our approach 

We worked closely with SKFC's historian and Creative Director to timeline key events and source memorabilia. We then designed custom cabinetry and removable plaques and plinths, to showcase the story in a museum inspired environment within Moorabbin's downstairs community space. 


The museum has been met with great enthusiasm. A one-of-a-kind space unique to AFL clubs. It continues to capture moments in time for those who love the club. 

2018 merchandise campaign


Digital Marketing - animated GIFs


St Kilda FC design team

St Kilda FC marketing team



Each year St Kilda Football Club releases a range of merchandise as part of the season's creative campaign. We were approached to develop a series of animations themed 'Hood it, Zip it, Spray it, Get it' to promote the new apparel.

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