Samantha X

Love, intimacy and relationship coach


Branding/e-commerce website/Media/Digital

Ads/Photoshoot/Video/E-book/Social assets.



Nick + Nardo / Photograph & Production
Mark Coombs / Creative Direction & Styling
Ashleigh CarpenterHair & Makeup
CJ MedsonVideo & Editing


Samantha X is a love, intimacy and relationship coach, an expert in her field and is well sought out for her genuine and authentic knowledge and advice. We were approached to re-position her brand, personal identity and image to align with her new business model.

Samantha X

Bestselling author, columnist, companion & coach.

"I’ve always loved Melbourne for its sophistication, class and design so when I met Justine and Emma from Malone and Camille, I wasn’t surprised that their brand was totally on point to the city they lived! 

The girls did such an amazing job in rebranding my website - their eye to colours, warmth and knowing exactly what myself and my business partner Vanessa wanted was spot on. I went from a dated look so something fresh, modern, sexy and empowering. It didn’t take endless back and forth with emails, the girls just got it. Their communication was on point, reliable and efficient, they’re beautiful women inside and out and they understood working with kids in the background. My website now has so many people commenting on and I am really proud of it! I wish they could design every aspect of my life!".

Our approach

We worked closely with Samantha X and the marketing team to define the visual tonality of the new business. The brand pillars: empowerment, beauty, self-confidence, authenticity and femininity then informed the photoshoot, digital landscape, printed graphics and video.  


The new Samantha X brand has re-defined her business's standing in the industry. It is an important milestone to reach for any business looking to invest in positive change and development. Her elevated brand offering sees Samantha X sharing her knowledge across new communication channels that meaningfully connect with her audience.

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