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An online travel website, It's Beautiful Here is a bespoke collection of curated travel guides, custom itineraries, interviews and stories from around the world by renowned travel writer Georgia Hopkins.

Our approach 

We worked closely with travel writer and all time beautiful person Georgia Hopkins, founder of @_itsbeautifulhere to re-imagine her brand and website offering.

With an already huge following on social media and an abundance of travel writing accolades under her belt (Vogue, Harpers Bazaare and est to name a few), Georgia wanted to evolve her brand offering with a fresh new look and feel. One that reflected her love of travel, people and photography.


"For me, the beautiful thing about travel is that the more we do, and with every new personal connection we make, the world gets a little bit smaller and more navigable."
Georgia Hopkins, @_itsbeautifulhere  


The new site is completely custom paying close attention to the audiences' user experience, one that aims to inspire and capture the imagination of new and seasoned travellers. The ultimate go-to place for local-insight travel guides, stunning travel prints and an itinerary service to plan your next adventure.

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