Casa Nata

Melbourne's home of the Portuguese tart


Branding / ​Packaging / Website


Tiago Galo / Illustrator


As Melbourne’s first and only dedicated Portuguese tart shop, Casa Nata bring their love of traditional tart making to the Melbourne food scene.

Owner's Rueben Bertolo and Nelson Coutinho make everything from scratch, so you can expect golden and crunchy pastry, and custard that's burnished black on top from time caramelising in the oven, but still gooey, soft and silky on the inside. 

Our approach

The legacy of the Portuguese tart was used to inform the identity and visual language of the brand. We engaged Portuguese illustrator, Tiago Galo, to illustrate a cafe scene fusing Portugal and Melbourne locals enjoying a traditional coffee and tart. The unique design was applied to the bespoke packaging and carry bags.   


Since opening its doors in early 2020,
Casa Nata has featured in Broadsheet Melbourne. The cafe offers a really unique customer experience, patrons can watch the tarts being made in the kitchen from their table. Both the tarts and the service are highly addictive.

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