Malone & Camille is a boutique design

studio based in Melbourne, Australia.


We create and nurture inspiring

brands, offering thoughtful, engaging

strategic outcomes for our clients.



Tara Lofhelm

A resident artist at Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne, Tara is fast becoming a sought-after jeweller on a national scale. Read more...

We build brands to adapt
and surprise like Lady Gaga.


We believe good work starts with good people. Together, we curate the right story and experience to inspire people and cultivate longevity.


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Ethical Butchery

How do you build a brand that toes
the line between ethics, animals
and a commercial food source?

We work on instinct and experience. Equal measures of passion and know how. These qualities stand for a lot. Our clients think so too.


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A local community favourite

Melbourne based Early Learning and Child Care Centre.



Through strategic thinking we explore a brand's narrative, going to great lengths to create a new hayday. Effective, bespoke design that pays homage to the past, future and happening times. 


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